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March 8, 2021

Russian Ushanka Has Become An International Fashion Item

We simply needed to inform our model of Russian winter hat historical past.

Because the 11th Century, a hat was an integral a part of a Russian man’s apparel, each wealthy and poor. In Russia the hat was the identical in winter and summer season, the one distinction being that in winter the hat was lined with fur for heat. Peasants wore spherical formed hats manufactured from felt, tough material with a slim fur trim. Rich individuals wore hats manufactured from skinny material or velvet, noblemen wore hats embellished with velvet or with ornaments manufactured from Brand Name silver, gold, jewels and with a fur rim.

Russian warriors wore brief chain-mail and placed on helmet with a chain-mail neck flap (Brnitsa).

In 1918 by Particular Fee the RVS of the Republic for improvement of the Crimson Military uniform introduced a contest to design the perfect army uniform.

Artists and painters used historic Russian design to affect their submissions for competitors.
The ultimate design was unveiled after a yr: an overcoat, a shirt, leather-based boots, and a material helmet with a Crimson Star insignia. The helmet echoed the previous Russian helmet with the chain-mail neck flap. The identify for this new design was the Budenovka, and was used till the start of WWII (or the Nice Patriotic Conflict as it’s recognized in Russia).

In 1940 the Soviet Military winter helmet Budenovka was changed with the Ushanka – spherical hat with a fur again flap and ear flaps. The Ushanka hat had flaps which could possibly be tied collectively on high of the hat, and lowered to guard the neck, ears and aspect of the face.

The winter fur hat Ushanka was issued to troops for the coldest winter months.


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